Nathan Kachnavage

Consulting Foresters

Woodland Works

2430 W. Skylight Road
Salem, IN 47167

(812) 521-7745 (C) (812) 883-2969 (O)

Educational Qualifications

B.S. Degree in Forestry from Purdue University, 2007.

Specialized Training

DNR Best Management Practices Training, DNR Prescribed Burn for Managers.

Professional Experience

9 years.

Services Provided

Timber Management Plans, Timber Marking, Timber Marketing, Timber Stand Improvement, Timber Inventory, Timber Appraisals, Invasive Species Management, Forest Stewardship Plans, Sales Administration, Tree Planting, Plantation Maintenance, Wildlife Management Plans, and Prescribed Burning.

Professional Affiliations

Indiana Forestry and Woodland Owners Association, White River RC&D, Indiana Tree Farm Committee, Society of American Foresters, and Association of Consulting Foresters - Candidate Member.

Insurance Coverage

Commercial General Liability and Foresters Professional Liability.

Additional Information

A licensed Commercial Applicator of Pesticides in Indiana.

References supplied upon request.


Areas Served

Location of Forester

Country level accuracy