Erick Nickerson

Industrial Foresters

Pike Lumber Company, Inc.

1695 North Main Street
Auburn, IN 46706

(888) 925-5132

(260) 925-4579

Educational Qualifications

B.S. Degree in Forestry from Southern Illinois University, 1991.

Specialized Training

BMP Training.

Professional Experience

26 years, 21 years with Pike Lumber Company.

Services Provided

Multiple Use Plans, Timber Management Plans, Timber Marking, Timber Marketing, Timber Stand Improvement, Plantation Maintenance, Timber Inventory, and Comprehensive Forestland Management Package, which includes all forestry practices, harvesting, marketing, appraisals, and timberland purchasing.

Professional Affiliations

Society of American Foresters.

Insurance Coverage

Workers Compensation and General Liability.

Additional Information

2006 Recipient of the National Hardwood Lumber Association Forest Stewardship Award.

References supplied upon request.


Areas Served